Important Updates 

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04/05/2021: As of 04/06/2021 we will not be requiring clients or our service providers to wear masks.  Some of our service providers will choose to continue to wear them as a personal choice.  Clients are more than welcomed to wear one if they feel more comfortable doing so.  If you prefer your service provider to wear a mask, just let us know at the time of scheduling your appointment, or if booking online add a note requesting this option.

We will continue:

  • Maintaining social distance between work stations, dryers, and a barrier between our shampoo bowls
  • Sanitizing equipment and work spaces between clients. 
  • Nail techs will be the only ones to continue to touch polish bottles and equipment.
  • Make up services are still temporarily suspended.
  • If you show any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed, please wait to schedule your appointment or reschedule if you already have an appointment. 

Please note that this may change back to a requirement if the mandate is put back. If you have any questions please reach out to us.

11/17/2020:  Masks or face coverings are required.  Exceptions to this rule

  • Children under two
  • Children between 2-8 when it's not possible
  • Those with a medical condition or mental health condition  where covering the face would pose a greater risk.

Please contact us or your independent stylist if you have any questions or concerns regarding this requirement.  

10/30/2020: At this time we are still doing appointments only.  While you no longer need to text or call to check in, you may be requested to wait in your car until your service provider is ready if the reception area is getting close to capacity where social distancing protocols can't be observed.   If a client comes in with symptoms similar to Covid-19 without informing the service provider beforehand, you may be asked to reschedule. 

Makeup Application Services: This service is still temporarily suspended until further notice.  

Massage Services:

  • All massages services are now available and back on the online menu.  Spaces are often limited, so if you are unable to find an opening through our online booking service please call, text, or email with your request.
  • We are still only taking by appointment only at this time.  If you need to get in right away call or text us.
  • If you are sick or have been exposed to anybody who as tested positive for the COVID-19 please wait 14 days to schedule, or call so that we may reschedule.

Once again we thank everybody for their continued understanding and support. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email, call, text, or chat with us.

5/30/2020: Please remember to check your text messages and/voicemail for reminders about staying in your and calling or texting us to let us know you are here.  There is also a sign on the door upon entry as a reminder.  We greatly appreciate your efforts in doing this and helping to reduce the traffic flow in our entry way and reception area so we may maintain the social distancing protocols.   

5/18/2020:  We are now available for massage services with the following protocols in place:

  • We are limiting the number of massage appointments scheduled per day.  Therefore, online booking is temporarily disabled.  You can call, text, email, or chat with us to schedule your appointment.
  • Some service providers have limited their services, and temporarily suspended 90 minute massage sessions and hot stone massages.  If you would like to schedule one of these, please contact us to make arrangements as days to schedule for these services are also limited.
  • As with all other services, we are unable to take walk-ins at this time.
  • Masks need to be worn during services.
  • As mentioned below, if you are sick or have been in contact or exposed to anybody that has tested positive for COVID 19 or shows symptoms of it, wait a minimum of 14 days before scheduling an appointment.  Let us know right away if you need to reschedule.
  • Remember upon arrival to wait in your car and text or call us to let us know you are here. As soon as the service provider is ready, we'll contact you to come inside. This helps us reduce overcrowding in our reception area.

We are in the process of contacting those who have had appointments scheduled when we were closed.  We thank you all for your continued patience and support!

5/7/2020: Good news!! We get to spring up starting May 11.  As Indiana starts to reopen in phases, guidelines have been put in place, so we can do our part. 

For Clients and appointments: 

  • If you have a temperature of 100*, coughing, or just feeling sick, stay home and please call to reschedule. If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID 19 before your appointment, please wait at least 14 days to schedule. 
  • As of now, we can only accept appointments that have been scheduled. No walk ins. 
  • Only one guest per service provider is allowed inside at a time, no additional guests. If you have a small child one parent/guardian will be allowed with them during the child's appointment.   
  • When you arrive please remain in your car and text (preferred) or call us (or your independent stylist) to let us know you are here. Once your service provider is ready, we will call or text to come in.  If there is special circumstance, please let us know before your appointment. We just need to avoid crowding in our waiting area. 
  • Don’t forget your mask. We are requesting clients to wear them inside.  
  • Feel free to wash your hands or request use of hand sanitizer anytime.  We will be asking all clients who are getting nail services to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before manicure services. 

Service providers and sanitation: 

  • Service providers will be asked to take their temperature daily.   
  • We will be wearing masks.
  • Equipments such as wash bowels, stylist’s chairs, dryers, pedicure chairs, manicure area, and the UV light used in our gel manicures will be sanitized between each client. We have allowed extra time between clients for proper sanitation. 
  • In our salon area stations will be placed 6 feet apart, a barrier will be placed between our wash bowels, and our dryers moved to maintain the social distancing protocols. 
  • In our nail area, only our service provider will be allowed to touch nail polish bottles and tools.   

Check out: 

  • Credit/debit cards use is preferred, but will still accept cash and check. 
  • Credit card device and desk area will be sanitized after checking out each client. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available if client wishes to use it before leaving. 
  • Independent stylists may have their own check out procedures. If you do see them please contact them if you have any questions regarding that. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!! If you have any questions or concerns about anything in regards to our protocols, scheduling, or anything please contact us.  Thank you all once again for your patience and support. 

5/1/2020:  Good News!! We have been given the go ahead to spring up starting May 11.   In the next few days we will update with our plan to keep everyone safe and healthy upon reopening.  We will continue to be remotely  available.  

Our online booking feature remains available to book appointments for hair and nails. All other services except massage will be added by Sunday 3. Online booking for massage will be announced at a later date.  If you are looking to book a massage please contact us via phone, text, chat, or email.

Gift Certificates are still available. Mother's Day Gift Certificate Specials will be available to purchase online by Monday May 4.

Thank you everyone for your continued patience and support.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone very soon!

4/20/2020: There's has been another extension to the stay at home mandate as it now is set to expire on May 1.  Our tentative opening date is set for Tuesday, May 4. 

Our online booking feature remains the same as last update, only the date has changed to May 4.  We continue to remain remotely available. 

Coming soon!! Mother's Day Gift Certificate will be available soon to purchase online.

04/05/2020:  The Governor has extended the stay at home mandate now through Monday April 20.  So will will continue to "hunker down" and hopefully spring up on Tuesday April 21, unless the mandate is extended once more.  Clients that are scheduled during this time we will be contacting you in regards to your appointments.  If you see an independent hairstylist, they will contact you with their plans regarding their appointments and scheduling.

We will continue to be remotely available.  Our online booking feature will remain opened for booking hair and nail services starting April 21.  Massage and Esthetics availability dates to be announced soon. Online gift certificates are still available to purchase.

If you are in need any retail product contact with any inquiries.  We can provide curb side pick up or shipping.

If we are able to spring up on Tuesday, we will update our plans to continue make the health and safety of our clients and staff our priority.  Remember as you practice social distancing, the shortest distance between two people is a simple smile.

03/24/2020:  Due to Government Mandate we will temporarily close from Wednesday 3/25/2020 to Monday April 6 2020,                                             unless this mandate is extended.  We will remain remotely available through:

                                              Calling or Texting 260-222-7744

                                              Chatting via our website


                             Our online booking feature will remain open, with availability on hair and nail services starting on Tuesday April 7                                        2020.  If an appointment is prebooked and the mandate is extended, we will contact you in regards of rescheduling.   

                              Online Gift Certificates are still available for purchase.

                              If you see an independent hairstylist, please contact them in regards to booking any future appointments.     

                               Stay healthy, stay safe, and remember to wash hands until you see that cheat sheet from high school.